The Risks Of Downloading Free Sales Management Software

The Risks Of Downloading Free Sales Management Software

Most business people, especially small traders, are afraid of investing in the budget for the sales management tool. Therefore, many shop owners have downloaded free sales management software to use with the psychology so that they do not lose money, just try it, if not suitable, it can be replaced. But when you download and use these completely free sales management software, you will face a lot of risks.

 1. Free but not free

The “dangers” to know when downloading free sales management software free software but is it free? Because there is no cost so you will have to take full responsibility during your use. The provider has allowed you to download the free sales management software for you, so of course, they cannot continue to provide the service for an unjust incident.

So bearing the name is completely free sales management software but actually, you have spent a lot of other unnamed expenses. For example, because there are no instructors and support for how to use, how to solve errors so you have to spend time tinkering, repairing or buying warranty packages from suppliers that takes time, money the silver. Not to mention if serious mistakes can also lead to loss of revenue and debts that cannot be recovered.

 2. Say yes for free cost but say no for upgrade

Usually, free sales management software simply includes basic features such as invoice printing, sales, simple statistics. There are no complicated and time-consuming management steps such as treasury, revenue, debt, historical information of customers, suppliers or affiliates. So if you want to use those features, you must accept to pay more or find another alternative.

 3. Poor security, easy data loss, permanent virus

The use of free management software with no 90% of free warehouse and sales management software is designed in the form of download for offline use so to avoid heavy equipment the vendor will omit many simplest features. So it is not surprising that you can rarely download sales management software with detailed authorization for each employee and shop owner.

Free as well as a double-edged sword, you can see that the immediate benefit of not taking any money can manage the trade more simply than the record book. But the dangers such as cheating employees, data theft or viruses when downloading free sales management software

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