The Top Common Questions About Hosting Services

The Top Common Questions About Hosting Services

Hosting services are a place to store all your Web content, information, documents, images on an Internet server at the Data Center, website hosting services also is the place where all transactions and information exchange between Internet users are held together and support Internet software works. In other words, hosting services are equivalent to the offices of business in everyday life.

1. Can I Upgrade My Hosting?

Absolutely, you can. Please inform us about the decision to upgrade hosting and the provider will proceed with the upgrade for you. The upgrade process will not affect the content and activity on your Website.

2. Can I Get My Hosting With Multiple Domains?

For each hosting account, you can only host one website. However, we allow using multiple domains for that website (re-direct domain). That is, when typing the addresses of these domains, the same website will appear.

3. Is Unix, Windows Or Linux Hosting Better?

Unix is ​​an old server system, which is now less used by hosting providers. When hosting on this server, webmasters must have web-writing knowledge in HTML very hard, compose each page or write CGI scripts very hard and have to upload using FTP. If you edit a folder or lose a page, check all the links to that page. Utilities such as counter count the number of visitors, the input form must also be written in CGI language … all must be written separately … Meanwhile, Server Window is currently well supported because Microsoft tries to support refunds. Full and easy for users that even non-professionals can create websites that look very professional. One of the server window features is to support Frontpage extension. Linux is also a good Platform for the web server to support many utilities like MySQL, ODBC, CGI and also Frontpage extension … but be careful. If the Hosting provider is not familiar with Linux, your website will be fluttering according to their web operating skills.

4. What Is Capacity?

Depending on the purpose of the website you choose the corresponding capacity. According to the statistics of servers – the average Internet server, a website needs about 100Mb. Seldom need more than 200Mb. A website with a few advertising pages of good artists only needs 20Mb. A website that accumulates lessons as an electronic library may need up to 100 or 200Mb. Website containing huge software must be several hundred Mb (equal to the number of CDs).

5. What Is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is similar to the width of the road. Broadband is accessible at the same time. Narrow bandwidth is easy to block. If many people come to your site, they will be kicked out. So you should choose big data centers, big ISPs.

6. What Are The Features Of The Hosting Services?

  • Large hosting capacity (calculated according to Mbytes) ensures to fully store information, data, images … need to share customers.
  • A professional data center meeting international standards.
  • Support server access by multiple protocols to update information.
  • Having a large bandwidth (bandwidth) to serve customers’ transactions and information exchange.
  • Support software programming tools on the Internet and writing tools available to serve transactions on the website such as sending emails, uploading through the Web …
  • Fully support E-mail services such as POP3 E-mail, E-mail Forwarding…
  • Do not insert advertising banners of suppliers.

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